2023 Machine Polishing Offers

Option 1 - The 'Ultimaxx' One

  • Exterior Decontamination wash. Chemical deep clean of the exterior including the removal of tar and brake dust. Door shuts, engine bay and wheel arches cleaned. Wheels snow foamed and washed.
  • Fine cut machine polish to enhance the paintwork. Makes it look shiny and removes some light to medium scratches and minor imperfections.
  • Application of Ulimaxx Nanomax 6-12 month coating to painted surfaces that have been fine machine polished. Exterior including glass then top coated with Ultimaxx Showtime ultra hydrophobic spray sealant.


  • Small Car - £250 (eg Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta)
  • Medium Car - £275 (eg VW Golf, Ford Focus)
  • Large Car - £300 (eg BMW 5 Series, Audi A6)
  • Very large car - £325 (eg BMW 7 Series, Mercedes S Class)
  • Small SUV's - £275 (eg Nissan Juke,VW T-Roc)
  • Medium SUV's - £300 (eg BMW X3, Audi Q3)
  • Large SUV's - £325 (eg BMW X5, Audi Q5)
  • Very large SUV's - £350 (eg Range Rover's, BMW X7)
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Option 2 - The 'The CarPro one' (Additional £75 per vehicle)

As above plus:

  • Paintwork and exterior glass is coated with CarPro Cquartz Lite 12-18 month ceramic coating then topped with CarPro Reload ceramic spray sealant.
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Additional extras on request

  • Wheels removed, deep cleaned and coated with Ultimaxx Lumexx ultra slick ceramic coating. From £20 per wheel.
  • Any unpainted plastics on the vehicle (eg sills, arches, grills) coated with CarPro Lite. From £20 per vehicle.
  • Mini interior valets up to a maximum cost of £75. Cost is dependent on size and cleanliness of vehicle. A typical mini valet would include vacuuming of all interior carpets including the boot, dash and door cards wiped down, seats vacuumed and glass cleaned.
Car Detailing Staffordshire