Car Detailing Staffordshire Costs

The cars I detail come in various shapes and sizes. Have different levels of scratching, different paint hardness, different levels of cleanliness, are made from different materials (steel, aluminium, plastics, GRP). Some have been polished at least once before, making it difficult and more time consuming to polish again. Some have fabric seats, some are leather. Some have hard wearing piled carpets, some have fabric. Therefore, I do not offer menu pricing. As a bespoke, professional detailer, I offer a service which matches your exact requirements and budget. In the first instance you can call me on 07970 222591, then book an appointment for the studio in Fenton, or I can visit your home and undertake a free vehicle appraisal. Once your vehicle has been appraised, and the work involved has been agreed, an estimate is normally emailed. The estimate will detail all works and the level of protection required.

Car Detailing Staffordshire

I currently charge £245 per 7-hour full day, and £35 per hour thereafter. These charges include all overheads ( insurances, heating, electricity, rent etc) and basic cleaning materials supplied by Auto smart, but do not include other specialist materials, the use of infra-red heat lights, paints and coatings, which are charged as an additional cost. My details vary in cost, from as little as £250 for a day’s work, to thousands of pounds if you are looking to have a vehicle fully corrected with CarPro Cquartz protection.

Loan car available. To be fully insured by the driver on their own policy. Customers will need to have, or will need to arrange comprehensive cover. Then provide evidence in advance of any car loan. I also offer a free delivery and collection service within a 20-mile radius of Fenton or Uttoxeter, for cars with a market value of £150k or less.

Car Detailing Staffordshire

Basic Detail (example)


  • Multi-stage pre-wash regime to bodywork. To remove dirt, tar, brake dust and containments
  • Underside of wheel arches including panel returns/lips cleaned
  • Sills prewashed and cleaned
  • Tar and fallout deposits chemically removed
  • Clay work to body and glass to remove nonferrous particles bonded to the surfaces
  • Alloy wheels thoroughly cleaned including the internal rim using non-acidic cleaners
  • Window seals & panel edges cleaned
  • Fuel filler area behind fuel door cleaned
  • Vehicle washed using a premium quality wash from CarPro
  • Alloy wheels treated with a CarPro soft silica sealant
  • Vehicle towel and air dried
  • Windscreen and wiper blades cleaned with a degreaser to remove oil traces
  • Internal door checks, seals, pillar interiors, base of doors, tailgate surrounds all cleaned
  • Tyres & plastics dressed
  • Exhaust tips polished
  • Paintwork sealed with Ultimaxx Waxeramic


  • Carpets, seats, roof lining, boot area, parcel shelf, door panels, over mats and dash thoroughly vacuumed as required
  • Plastics cleaned and treated with none silicone based products if required
  • Seats and fabrics cleaned
  • Glass and mirrors cleaned and polished

Maintenance Cleans

Maintenance decontaminations usually £200 depending on the vehicle size and level of cleanliness. They are usually booked 6-12 months after your car has been detailed. This allows me to give a thorough exterior decontamination to remove debris stuck to paintwork, glass, and wheels. Restoring the post detail finish, maybe topped up with a CarPro soft silica sealant or a fresh coat of wax.

Car Detailing Staffordshire

Booking Conditions

Once a vehicle is booked in with Jon Gooding (T/A J-G- A Staffordshire Valeting/Detailing & J-G- A Staffordshire Detailed Valeting). Minimum seven days’ notice is required to be given by the customer to cancel, or to change the dates their vehicle is booked in. If seven days’ notice of cancelation is not given. Jon Gooding reserves the right to charge and invoice for half of the estimated value required to carry out the detailed valet. If a job price has been agreed, the cancelation charges will be half of this value. Any vehicle specific products or parts that have been paid for by Jon Gooding will also be invoiced in the event of a customer cancelation. The invoice is to be paid within seven days of issue. For new customers, a non-refundable deposit may be required at the time of booking. The deposit amount is agreed with the customer at the time of booking.

Payment is preferred via bank transfer or cash. Although card payments can be taken using my shops card terminal. All major debit and credit cards are accepted.

Car Detailing Staffordshire